Monday, July 16

Paintball !!!

Today, I've gain a new experience...playing the paintball game! Yeah, I got nervous and really really really afraid to try it. And I'm absolutely useless in my team. Hehe, that's because I didn't even try to move forward but I did shot two person from my position. \(^^)/ yay~ 
As for my team, the white team...we've won the first round game but unfortunately we lose at the 2nd round. But we had an extreme fun! Some of my mates got really painful looking bruises. Luckily I don't get shot on the two rounds * yeah, I was hiding all the time, that's why. Heee...*
But I think it was a loss for me as I didn't get the experienced to get shot. My games just end because on the two rounds, I've out of my pellets and my turn just end like that. *pathetic me*

So, the black team wins and they got to rule the territory which was the Pizzaland. They get pizzas ok.
But we all eat it together . :3

Of course, pics time....~

Shan, the killer. Ready to kill.

We're excited but really really nervous to play.

Looking like aliens or power rangers maybe. HAHA!

Getting ready for the game.

Syaza. ^^

Shan again, new job for her...sniper.

White team! 2nd place for us. Cheers~

Yeah, that's me and my teammates. Too frightened to move forward.

Taking pics with the gun. 
White team's girl. 

Let's call it a day. What fun and a new experience we had today! :D