Saturday, July 28

Me on weekends.

Exactly my weekends and holidays. 


Monday, July 16

Paintball !!!

Today, I've gain a new experience...playing the paintball game! Yeah, I got nervous and really really really afraid to try it. And I'm absolutely useless in my team. Hehe, that's because I didn't even try to move forward but I did shot two person from my position. \(^^)/ yay~ 
As for my team, the white team...we've won the first round game but unfortunately we lose at the 2nd round. But we had an extreme fun! Some of my mates got really painful looking bruises. Luckily I don't get shot on the two rounds * yeah, I was hiding all the time, that's why. Heee...*
But I think it was a loss for me as I didn't get the experienced to get shot. My games just end because on the two rounds, I've out of my pellets and my turn just end like that. *pathetic me*

So, the black team wins and they got to rule the territory which was the Pizzaland. They get pizzas ok.
But we all eat it together . :3

Of course, pics time....~

Shan, the killer. Ready to kill.

We're excited but really really nervous to play.

Looking like aliens or power rangers maybe. HAHA!

Getting ready for the game.

Syaza. ^^

Shan again, new job for her...sniper.

White team! 2nd place for us. Cheers~

Yeah, that's me and my teammates. Too frightened to move forward.

Taking pics with the gun. 
White team's girl. 

Let's call it a day. What fun and a new experience we had today! :D


Saturday, July 14

Thorn and roses

I'm attracted to this quotes as it has a deep meaning from my view  
Hmmm....  :)


Thursday, July 12

Welcome Juniors !

Semalam punya cerita, buat welcoming party...emmm, gathering la gitu utk juniors 2012 intake. Bukan apa, kira TESL punya tradition la buat gathering utk sambut juniors. So, kami yg kunun baru mau b'gelar senior setelah hampir 1 tahun jadi paling juniors *kunun*... perlu buat persembahan la utk majlis informal ni. Kira begitu laa, eh...payah mau jelaskan secara detail ni. Heee * aku ni nda pandai susun ayat , sekian*

Ok, utk group 1, kami setuju utk menari ** 
Yehuuu, we've done a dance on Hot and Cold song by Katy Perry tuuu...
Biarpun entrance agak t'spoil sbb muzik, tapi....langgar saja :D

3 bears dance ^^,

Cause you're hot and you're cold ~ 

We had fun though. Ohyeahhh!

The SJKC family performance.

SK 2 family.

Juniors pun buat p'sembahan yg sgt unexpected. Cute kot. 

Main spec with Shanshan. 

It's chilly so lets have some hot nescafe. *merepek*

Syaza pose dgn gitar :D

Yellsss dgn si Dye :)

NANA the roommates. Gojes tak. HAHA :)

Tengokla gaya kami, juniors punya event kami yg b'gambar lebih. Hahahaha! Well, ada aku kesah :P *peace^^V
Credits to Nana for the pics. Guna gambar2 yg kau snap ye Nana....hehe. Sebelum aku merepek lebih, chow luk. KBAI !

Pssst ~ ya...entry aku mesti banyak gambar jak dari benda yg bikin crta entry. EH? cakap b'belit2. HAH! Sebab tu aku nda pandai taip byk2, nnti merepek b'belit2 jadinya , bikin bengong kepala hotak jak kan. OK, just let the pics do the talking. Talk please. Kfinebai.


Monday, July 9


t u m b l r . 

Still a beginner. Not really a beginner, well I already have tumblr account long ago. But, I didn't really know how tumblr works. So, I'm now determined to learn more bout it. I just love the photos, gif. and awesome typographies. Reblog and all that. Just have to learn how to customize it more and so on....blah blah blah.

When I know bout tumblr later, maybe I'll be on tumblr like....

Haha, no la... I need social life too ok. KBAI!    -bye2-  (o.O)/*

Saturday, July 7

In need of a lot.

Yes, we are TESLians but that doesn't make us know everything  like a dictionary. We are still just learners that still need a lot of help in improving our English. Doesn't make sense for you to seek for help and when we tried and can't figure out to solve them, don't just simply said that "you're a teacher-to-be,you must know the answer"

Uhhh, please people. We're also still learning, we tried to help if we could. Not that we didn't want to help at all but we are still lack in things. So, don't just assume that we know everything. English also still have a lots of grammatical ERRORS. Yeah, that's me, still learning and trying to improve for better. Oh My English!

Ok, ignore that. Well, I've always think. I didn't really suits this profession to be a teacher in the future. As well, I  still didn't have the confidence to step out as a teacher. I'm still lacking in lots of aspects. 
We've done a simple personality test and it's proven that I'm still have to do a lot of changes towards myself. Like the counsellor said to me... although I'm quite a noisy person, but I hardly can adapt myself with new people and surroundings. Also, I have no confidence to voice out my own opinions and thoughts as I'm afraid that I might be wrong. DUSH, they were all true.Now, I realize I should make a revolution and try to be more confident or else I will be dying suffering from the 2M1T illness. malas, malu,takut -_-". Heehe, I'm still trying and it is not easy you know. Smile :)

So, let's change for good. \(^,^)/


Wednesday, July 4

#Wordless Wednesday

Strumming, not 'stroking' ...