Saturday, July 7

In need of a lot.

Yes, we are TESLians but that doesn't make us know everything  like a dictionary. We are still just learners that still need a lot of help in improving our English. Doesn't make sense for you to seek for help and when we tried and can't figure out to solve them, don't just simply said that "you're a teacher-to-be,you must know the answer"

Uhhh, please people. We're also still learning, we tried to help if we could. Not that we didn't want to help at all but we are still lack in things. So, don't just assume that we know everything. English also still have a lots of grammatical ERRORS. Yeah, that's me, still learning and trying to improve for better. Oh My English!

Ok, ignore that. Well, I've always think. I didn't really suits this profession to be a teacher in the future. As well, I  still didn't have the confidence to step out as a teacher. I'm still lacking in lots of aspects. 
We've done a simple personality test and it's proven that I'm still have to do a lot of changes towards myself. Like the counsellor said to me... although I'm quite a noisy person, but I hardly can adapt myself with new people and surroundings. Also, I have no confidence to voice out my own opinions and thoughts as I'm afraid that I might be wrong. DUSH, they were all true.Now, I realize I should make a revolution and try to be more confident or else I will be dying suffering from the 2M1T illness. malas, malu,takut -_-". Heehe, I'm still trying and it is not easy you know. Smile :)

So, let's change for good. \(^,^)/


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