Wednesday, November 27


Haha, its been a year since I abandoned this blog. Urm, abandoned? No, actually didn't get to update anything for a year. So, I'll just simply post an update to summarize my life this year. Let the pictures do the talking. :3

It's been a quite hectic year as this is my first year of degree. 3 more years to go...
And I've managed to check some of the wishes in my bucketlist in this 2013.

ü White Water Rafting -- (done w this during our Bina Insan Guru phase 1. extremely awesome)

ü Wall Climbing  -- (fun and i'll surely want to go there again. cicak mode on ..cak cak cak)

ü Go travelling with Friend --( my 1st time travelling w my friends and without accompanied by my parents. booked our own flights, go shopping and went to cool places)

ü Go on a camping trip -- ( this was during our BIG. sleeping in tent and went jungle trekking which was a new experience for me. because i've never went to a real camping trip before in highschool :'(   sobbs)

ü Own a nice camera -- ( haha, borrowed some money from my savings to buy my own camera.)

Cheers for the adventure.

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