Friday, October 5

0610 . Our day ❤

Why it is called our day? Just because....  Because of what?  Because of that number.  What's in that number? Ours. 
What's yours? REVOLUTION 0610. 

And why is that so? 
Just because that number resembles our batch as we've been together since 2006 -2010 but not just until that, it will continue.... forever :)

That's the beauty of friendship that I know. Together in everything , ups and downs... still be together. And I'm thankful for that. For the sweetness of our bond , that's our promise.
 ''Once we're friend, forever we're friend.'' (Revolution 0610)

A promise ... WASILAH 2020. 
I won't ever forget us as it is one of the best thing that happened in my life. I hope you'll not to :)


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