Saturday, June 30

5 in 1

Today, quite a hectic day for me and a few of my classmates. Why? Because we have to get involve in 5 different competitions for the IPG Lestari activities. 5 competitions with only 8 members. But, what can be done since they got the wrong timing. Weekend means almost everyone in the campus gone home. Whatever, HAHA. Well, I did not done much actually. Just came and wandering around my class member, hehe. Sorry guys, I didn't contribute much today. I'm just playing and taking pictures, random pics. Well, I should just say playing with camera's application. Oh, well....although we did everything almost on the last minute, we had fun! Just taking part and enjoy them, having fun but yes it was very tiring. Working half a day with empty stomach. Hmmm, that just it. Activities like these do keep us closer to each other while having fun :)
Kbye, adios!


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