Saturday, April 28

TESL Night 2012 ~ Night of Culture

Last night 27 April 2012, was our very own first TESL Night together as a TESLians which was held at Promenade Hotel, KK. 
HAHA, theme for this year dinner is  Night of Culture . :)  First time experience this TESL Night, gathering with all our seniors as we are their only juniors . 
Ok, let pictures will do the talking :)

I'm in purple ^^

Kak Emie, Syaza , Shan

Gorgeous Ladies

The beautiful ladies in TESL SK 1 

with Bdon 

Gorgeous Andrea

with Buyo

Nina, Azie , Zaza ^^

with my SAKA aka Tiang 

with Tyra banks :P

Night of Culture :)

with the senior in her Kimono

Lilian, Arief, Elsa ,Chen

Lilian said " ni sa sma driver sa"
eleeeehhhh ~

The purplelicious team 

Gaya bangsawan kencang :D

Performance from PPISMP TESL June Intake 2011

Sky & Jeremy. Zul? HAHA :D

Sky the Kampung boy &ZAZA

Me, J. , Lilian , Ashwan

with Kennedy 

Zul mau buat culture yakuza , KUNUN. :D

After party photoshoot :D

What a great night! That's all for now. ADIOS 


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